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MDG – Mastery Development Group was founded in 1995. I along with a fabulous support team developed the MDG Soul Destiny Series of personal development curricula and took it global over the past 20 years.

People from all walks of lives have experienced the progressive teachings of the Soul Destiny Series and have gone on to create incredible lives. Our testimonials from around the world speak for themselves. As I grew over the years so did MDG’s core personal transformation series Soul Destiny.

Soul Destiny is about the journey of the Soul for sure but just as important is our time here and now on the planet. We all want to make the most of our time here but most of us get caught up in survival and dealing with life challenges. We are busy being busy.

Soul Destiny will put a pause on busy, and enable each participant to reset their lives. The result will be a refreshed new approach going forward and live consciously as a valued contributor while here this time around.

We combine physical world grounding with spiritual communication and guidance in a none religious format. The power of transforming to a spiritual being having a human experience with a life of purpose while still enjoying wealth, good health and love will achieve happiness.

Soul Destiny’s balanced progressive approach is the key to your success.

Phil Ross Founder

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