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I am very pleased to welcome

Ms. Claudine Wells to the MDG International leadership board and to her position as Canadian Director.Claudine 5

Claudine has a diversified background in education, training and work experience which will assist her in carrying out her duties and responsibilities. He formal education and training includes:

  • Bachelor of Arts – Psychology and French,
  • Bachelor of Education, and a Master of Education –
  • Counselling Psychology (acquired at Memorial University of NL, University of New Brunswick, York University and University of Toronto).
  • Cert. in Criminology,
  • Canadian Director MDG – Certification Psychologist – Education Specialist

Claudine’s work experience includes: all positions in the field of education – Director of Education (Personnel, Human Resources, and Support Services), Assistant Director of Education, senior manager, consultant for school board, principal, therapist, counsellor and teacher. Her experience includes but is not restricted to: directing strategic planning and organizational management, managing large budgets, leading teams, providing many workshops and seminars, managing large staffs, aiding in Provincial government re-structuring process, mediating and representing boards on grievance/arbitration panels, negotiating provincial contracts, and directing payroll and benefits for 2000+ employees. As consultant, she work with groups and leaders/administrators in providing support to staff, clients, and other service providers. She has 20+ years of experience working in the field of providing psychological and counselling services – as therapist, supervisor and director, and I currently has a private practice whereby she works as a clinical therapist/assessor (OACCPP) as well as providing consulting and coaching services.


Phil Ross , Founder and CEO of MDG International

A message from Ms. Claudine Wells

Hi! My name is Claudine and I am thrilled to be joining the team at MDG in improving the quality of life for thousands of people on this planet. It is through self-awareness, and personal growth and development, that we acquire the capacity to be the best that we can be, and live the life that we were born to live, in a world that is very demanding. My belief is that individuals are the catalysts for their own change transformations and the Master Key System, as presented in the Soul Destiny Program, provides the means to experience that life change in a very dramatic way. I encourage all to engage in this process and feel the passion for life that we are all meant to experience. My goal is to advocate for transformation by empowering individuals, through the Soul Destiny program, to move forward and thereby fulfill their lives’ purpose.

I feel honoured to work with Phil and his international team at MDG and hereby commit to give one hundred percent in order to provide the guidance and support necessary for attainment of one’s ‘Life Purpose, Life Mastery and Soul Destiny’.

Claudine can be reached at 

She will be seeking out talented experienced people to take on the roles of Regional Developers in Provinces and region across Canada.  

Those interested may contact her at

Phil Ross

Founder and CEO



Welcome to MDG Canada .

MDG,s Mastery Development Group began its journey 20 years ago in Toronto Canada and continued over the past years throughout the USA, Australia. UK and many other Countries.

We are now growing world wide. We are now in explosive expansion mode globally but also within Canada, Provincially and Regionally.

We are currently seeking leaders for Counties, and Regions to be County , Direct to MDG International Directors as well as Regional Developers and people intersted in becoming licensed workshop and distribution centres.

1- Direct Partners – will Partner with Mastery Development Group International to build a team of workshop and distribution centres throughout regions in the Canada.

2- Regional Developers – will assist County Directors in Seeking the right people who would like to have their own Licensed Regional MDG Workshop and Distribution Centre.

3- Licensed and Certified Regional Workshop and Distribution Centers – perhaps outside the actual Customers is the most important function of our international launch. RDC’s will be trained certified and licensed to host and build monthly workshops in your exclusive region and distribute all of MDG’s life transforming products and workshops.

These positions are offered to those who qualify and are accepted at no charge. Successful applicants will only be required to purchase their products.

Our progressive workshops, Self Study Program and Seminars are life transforming and you have the opportunity to become one of our Canadian team leaders.

If you like helping people and want a financially and personally rewarding career in the Billion Dollar Personal Development field, we welcome your application. Just contact us at and tell us about yourself.



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