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Welcome to Mastery Development Group (MDG) United Kingdom


Hello, I’m Tony Becker, UK Director for MDG Mastery Development Group.

My home is  the Isle of Wight, my passion and purpose is taking MDG to the people within the UK and the world. Having experienced this incredible journey of MDG over the years I made the decision to join MDG International Inc. and Phil Ross to bring this extraordinary progressive development series to the UK. Over the next few months and years we will be opening new Regional Centres in Counties and Regions throughout Great Britain and Scotland. This promises to be an incredible experience and journey for all who make the decision to be more and do more and yes, have more. Please join me and become part of our team as a Regional Developer building Regional Centres in your counties and helping open Regional Centres. Most of all change your life by attending one of our workshops and experience Mastery Development Group’s life transforming experiential workshops.

Tony and Dee Becker

MDG UK Partner and Director 

Welcome to MDG Mastery Development Group UK.  Sam Beddoe

Hello, I’m Samantha Beddoe from Hampshire. My role inMDG is primarily to seek and discover people who are interested in being in the business of operating and hosting

a permanent MDG Regional Mastery Development Group Centre in your exclusive region, within your county in the UK.

Those individuals who are interested and selected, will have the opportunity to be licensed and certified to have their very own, potentially lucrative, workshop and distribution centre.

MDG International and MDG UK, along with my devoted assistance, will help you to create a permanent venue for people from all walks of life, regardless of their circumstances. You will help transform their lives, utilizing our foundation Soul Destiny progressive tools and curricula of extraordinary workshops, self study package and phenomenal life changing 3 day Workshop. Many more products and services will be introduced as we progress building the MDG in UK.

Please contact me to discuss this opportunity in your County and Region.

Samantha Beddoe

Mastery Development Group United Kingdom

MDG,s Mastery Development Group began its journey 20 years ago in Toronto Canada and continued over the past years throughout the USA, Australia. UK and many ohter Countries.

We are now growing world wide. We are now in explosive expansion mode globally but also within the UK, Counties and Regionally.

We are currently seeking leaders for Counties, and Regions to be County , Direct to the UK Director and MDG International Directors as well as Regional Developers and people intersted in becoming licensed workshop and distribution centres.

1- Regional Developers – will assist County Directors in Seeking the right people who would like to have their own Licensed Regional MDG Workshop and Distribution Centre.

2- Licensed and Certified Regional Workshop and Distribution Centres – perhaps outside the actual Customers is the most important function of our international launch. RDC’s will be trained certified and licensed to host and build monthly workshops in your exclusive region and distribute all of MDG’s life transforming products and workshops.

These positions are offered to those who qualify and are accepted at no charge.

Successful applicants will only be required to purchase their products. Our progressive workshops, Self Study Program and Seminars are life transforming and you have the opportunity to become one of our UK  team leaders.

If you like helping people and want a financially and personally rewarding career in the Billion Dollar Personal Development field, we welcome your application. Just contact us at and tell us about yourself.