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  John Ramsey and Antoinette Iwamoto

  South Western USA Partner – Directors

I am pleased and honoured that Antoinette and John have decided to join me in our    MDG Mastery Development Group quest to open life transforming regional training and distribution centres worldwide. John and Antoinette will be part of our international leadership team as we reach out to the world seeking and assisting people who want to truly make a difference to their own lives and a career of helping others do the same. 

 They will start by heading up South Western USA, including Texas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Arkansas, Mississippi and Oklahoma where they will be seeking leaders as regional developers who will assist in finding leaders who want their own lucrative and personally rewarding city centres. 

 John and Antoinette are no strangers to Personal Development and empowerment. They have helped and empowered many lives over the years and will be instrumental leaders  in helping develop MDG as we grow internationally.

 I am truly excited that they have joined and will share my vision of seeing these powerful centres grow in regions internationally in rich and poor countries – If there is a leader to lead we will help them build a MDG life transformation centre.

 Phil Ross

Founder and Director 

MDG International Inc.


Welcome to MDG USA

MDG’s Mastery Development Group began its journey 20 years ago in Toronto Canada and  continued over the past years throughout the USA.

We are  now growing world wide. We are now in explosive expansion mode globally but also within USA, Counties, States and Regionally.

We are currently seeking leaders for Counties and Regions to be Direct to MDG International Directors as well as Regional Developers and  people interested in becoming licensed workshop and distribution centres.

1- Direct Partners – will partner with Mastery Development Group International to build a team of workshop and distribution centres throughout regions in the USA.

2- Regional Developers – will assist County Directors in seeking the right people who would like to have their own licensed regional MDG Workshop and distribution centre. 

3- Licensed and Certified Regional Workshop and Distribution Centers – perhaps outside the actual customers is the most important function of our international launch. RDC’s will be trained certified and licensed to host and build monthly workshops in your exclusive region and distribute all of MDG’s life transforming products and workshops.

These positions are offered to those who qualify and are accepted at no charge. Successful applicants will only be required to purchase their products. 

Our progressive workshops, Self Study Program and Seminars are life transforming and you have the opportunity to become one of our USA team leaders.

If you are passionate about helping people and want a financially and personally rewarding career in the Billion Dollar Personal Development field, we welcome your application. Just contact us at and tell us about yourself. 

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